The Twin Valley Virtual Academy is an opportunity for Twin Valley students in grades K-12 to receive a virtual educational experience with the support of our district staff. Our virtual learning program is flexible and supportive, providing the assistance parents and students need to be successful. There are so many OPPORTUNITIES to participate in Twin Valley School District's community as a Virtual Academy student!

How to enroll:

Contact Kimberly Andersen, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

610-286-8600 x1558

Click here for our pre-enrollment form

TVVA students benefit from the flexibility of an on-line learning program and still receive the unique opportunities provided by our school district.

  • Earn a Twin Valley School District Diploma

  • Participate in a full-time, part-time, or hybrid on-line learning program which allows for personalized learning and career pathways to meet individual needs

  • Enroll in career and technical courses at Berks or Chester County career and technical centers during high school

  • Participate in school activities, clubs, athletics, field trips, class trips, school dances, and prom


We understand the varied learning needs of students in today’s global society. While some students excel in a traditional school setting, others need the flexibility of a virtual environment. It is our goal to work together as a team, to ensure each student’s educational experience is successful and rewarding; whether fully on-line, partially on-line, or in a traditional setting.

Online learning content

TVVA will deliver current and quality learning content through a partnership with Edmentum, Calvert, Edgenuity and Lincoln Learning. The pace is based on your level of comfort, with progress towards a standard completion of grade level expectations. TVVA students will not be left behind!

Academic Support

All students K-12 are provided with supports to navigate learning successfully. From program supervisors, case managers, guidance counselors, highly qualified teachers, on-campus tutoring support with TVSD teachers, and technology support, TVVA works with families to build a supportive environment for all learners.


All TVVA students, like our classroom students, will receive a Chromebook for access to all online content. For those families who may have a challenge connecting to the internet, Twin Valley Tech Dept. will work with you to provide connectivity options!

Athletics and Extra-curricular Activities

Students have access to all academic, athletics and extra-curricular activities provided by the district, such as...

Career and Technical

Berks County Career and Technical Center (BCTC) and Chester county’s Technical College High School (Brandywine) (TCHS) operate as schools of choice, designed for students who are seeking to enhance their educational program with a highly relevant career and technical experience that is connected directly to the real world of business and industry. Business and industry advisors review and update the schools’ educational programs annually. The career and technical center experience provides students with a blend of classroom theory, technical applications in state-of-the-art laboratories, and actual off campus work-based experiences. Students learn technical skills and earn nationally recognized industry certifications.


Students in grades 11 and 12 interested in any of the TVHS Career Pathways can gain experience in a particular career area such as a business, a non-profit organization, an educational setting, or some other workplace. This program prepares our students for a career, helps them examine their career interests, and explore avenues for continuing postsecondary education. Partnerships with business partners have allowed over 160 students per year to participate in internships.

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Activities, Athletics and Clubs

Theatre, Sports teams, FFA, Marching Band and many, many more!