Frequently Asked Questions

We value Twin Valley School District's schools and quality of education, but we are considering a charter program option. How can we access online education while staying in Twin Valley?

We all believe that in-person learning is the best learning environment for our students. Student achievement data backs this up - students do better in a physical classroom with teachers and classmates. We understand that the present circumstances have families considering online education options. For families who are considering online options, we are offering two virtual options: live-streamed TVSD classes or TVVA. TVVA offers online, stay-at-home learning supported by Twin Valley teachers and staff. TVVA students gain all the benefits of an education, but also the benefits offered any Twin Valley student. Visit our program page for more information.

Is TVVA new?

TVVA has been in existence for several years. We have been partnered with three cyber providers: Edgenuity, Lincoln Learning, and Educere. In response to the COVID-19, we added a new provider, Edmentum that offers more live sessions that some parents have requested. We will continue to offer Edgenuity, Lincoln Learning, and Educere.

Is TVVA geared for all grade levels?

Yes. TVVA has programs for all students K-12.

How do I enroll my child in TVVA? Is there an application deadline?

The enrollment process begins by completing a Pre-enrollment Form on the TVVA website. Once we receive the Pre-Enrollment form, you will be contacted by your child's school counselor to identify courses and answer any questions you have. We haven't published a a deadline for application. For 2020-21, due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 virus, we will be asking parents to communicate the enrollment decision by August 14th. A survey will be sent on August 11th asking for an enrollment decision.

How is TVVA different from other cyber charter programs?

TVVA students are TVSD students! Out-of-district cyber charter students must dis-enroll from TVSD.

TVVA is hosted and managed by Twin Valley School District. This means your student receives learning through online, self-paced content (similar to a cyber charter), but has the benefit of receiving a Twin Valley diploma. TVVA students may also participate in activities offered to our standard education students including Athletics, Clubs/Activities, Internships, Career & Technical Education (BCTC & TCHS), and more!

If I enroll TVVA will my student be able to participate in all TVSD activities?

Yes. As a student in TVVA you are still a TVSD student. You would be allowed to participate in all TVSD activities.

Can TVVA students participate in Career & Technical Education at BCTC and TCHS?


How much does TVVA cost?

There is no cost to a Twin Valley tax payer.

Are the courses offered in TVVA the same as in TVSD? What courses are offered through TVVA? Are honors and AP courses available?

TVVA and TVSD curricula are both aligned to PA state standards and therefore the content of the courses will be similar though the curriculum is different. Not all TVSD classes are available through TVVA. TVVA offers a large number of courses including electives, Honors, and AP courses. You can view the Course Catalogs on our website. You can also speak to our Guidance team for available options.

Is attendance required? Does TVVA operate on the same schedule as TVSD?

Yes attendance is required. TVVA follows the TVSD calendar and attendance is required on all school days. While students may also engage in TVVA activities on weekends and other non-school days, only Monday through Friday will count for attendance. Pennsylvania Department of Education requires schools evidence of access (logging in) and evidence of completion (completing an assignment/activity) to count as present. Students must log in and complete at least one activity in at least one class on each school day to be marked present for the day.

Does my child need technology?

Since the course work is online, a laptop or touchscreen Chromebook will be required AND provided by Twin Valley School District.

Will we get tech support?

Yes. Our district help desk and Chromebook service desk are available to all students. (click here for more information)

What if I have difficulty getting the internet at home?

Twin Valley will work with families to get connectivity to their home.

Can I return to TVSD instruction if TVVA is not working out for me?

Yes. There is a grace period with enrollment. You can dis-enroll from TVVA and return to TVSD instruction at any time during the grace period - the transition may take up to 48 hours to create your TVSD schedule. After the grace period ends we can still make the transition back to TVSD instruction. TVVA teaches PA aligned curriculum that is self-paced for each learner. We will need to work together during the transition back to TVSD instruction to ensure that students learn what has been covered in the TVSD classroom.

Will my student get learning support if necessary?

Absolutely! Please visit our support page for more details...