Exact Path

We Believe...

Exact Path will address gaps in understanding and provide avenues to grow all TVSD students. Exact Path targets each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses with a computer-adaptive assessment, and then it generates a personalized learning path.

What is Exact Path?

This year, we are using an online learning program from Edmentum called Exact Path in grades 3-8 and TVVA. Exact Path personalizes learning across grades K–12 in reading, language arts, and math. Exact Path is designed to be an independent learning activity for all grade levels and requires little to no teacher or parent support.

How do we obtain a Learning Pathway?

For the first semester, students will be placed on their grade level learning path to begin their learning pathway.

January 2021 Diagnostic Window:

Student will take a diagnostic test in reading and math to further target student’s strengths and weaknesses and align a learning path.

To take the Math and Reading Diagnostic:

  1. Log into Exact Path with your Google Credentials

  2. Locate the Diagnostic Test (as seen in the picture to the left).

  3. Click Start or Begin.

  4. Please complete both reading and math.

  5. When completed, Exact Path will create your own learning pathway for each subject instantly so you can begin your learning journey.

Where can my student see his or her progress?

The Rewards area tracks all progress and skill mastery the student has made in Exact Path. Students must earn 80 percent or above on each skill within the Progress Check to earn a Trophy for that skill.

Within a learning path, no more than four skills will ever display at once. Each skill could consist of a lesson, practice, and a quiz.

After completing each set of skills displayed in the learning path, a short Progress Check will be unlocked. This will assess a student’s understanding of the skills he or she just learned and determine if additional review is needed or if the student is ready to move ahead. If the student does not master a skill, he or she will receive a prerequisite skill known as a Building Block to help shore up foundational concepts.

When should students work in Exact Path?

Exact Path is not a graded course, but rather a tool to enhance learning in the areas of math and reading. Our TVSD teachers allow 40 minutes per subject per week to complement our standards-aligned curriculum. Working in Exact Path will supplement TVVA courses and benefit student academic growth.

For all TVVA students who have completed the required TVVA coursework for semester courses, Exact Path will fulfill the requirement for attendance.

How do we get started?

Start using Exact Path in three easy steps.

      1. Go to https://login.edmentum.com/

      2. Login using Google and your Google TVSD.info account to log into Exact Path.

      3. For each grade span, there is an introductory video that demonstrates the student experience below.


Grades K-2

3-5 Learner UI Overview_v1.mp4

Grades 3-5

6+ Learner_standard_v2.mp4

Grades 5-12

Where can I get support?

If your student has problems using Exact Path at home, you can also contact Edmentum Customer Support at 800.447.5286 (7 am – 6 pm Central Standard Time) or support@edmentum.com. Please contact Twin Valley School District Central Office with further questions or information.