The Twin Valley Virtual Academy is an opportunity for students living in the Twin Valley School District in grades K-12 to receive a virtual educational experience with the support of our district staff. Our virtual learning program is flexible and supportive, providing the assistance parents and students need to be successful.


April 29, 2021 Announcement:

Many families are finishing the Calvert curriculum. Once this is done you should be working in Exact Path until the last day of school for your district. Please visit the Exact Path page on our website for directions on how to log in and complete work in the Reading, Math, and Language Arts learning pathways.

For our K-5 Students, There will also be some NEW offerings:

Student clubs are available for students who have completed all coursework for every subject. Student clubs are available on Tuesday and Thursday. Students can choose to attend more than one club. Here are the club descriptions and the schedule: Club Schedule Link

K-2 Clubs

"You Teach" Students get the chance to be the teacher! Join Mrs. Roddy as we trade places allowing the students to teach us about their passions through visuals, movements, annotations, videos and more about what they love most! I hope you will join us as we trade places.

Economics- Students create their own business all while learning the value of economic responsibility. In this class students will learn basic principles of economics such as needs, wants, deposit, withdrawal, consumer, and producers. This unit will end with students creating their own good/service to present to others and receive feedback on their product. We hope you join us for a unit filled with fun and learning!

STEM Club- In this club, K-2 students will have the opportunity to become scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by engaging in different experiments, activities, and virtual field trips!

3-5 Clubs

Art Club- Each meeting we will focus on a different artist and make our own art inspired by the artist. Simple supplies needed. Blank paper, ruler, pencil, crayons or colored pencils, scissors, glue.

Cooking Club- We will discuss nutrition, kitchen safety, and conduct a recipe swap. Students will research recipes and make 1 item to share (This can be done anytime Tuesday or Wednesday at home, and the student can take a picture to share on Thursday if they would like.) Thursday is show and tell as Ms. Devereaux demonstrates a simple recipe that is easily replicated. This will be voted on by the members on Tuesday. They can do it at home with me or just watch. Week 1- Breakfast Basics. Week 2- Fun lunches Week 3- Simple Supper. Week 4 - Doolittle Desserts.

Thank you for participating in the student clubs. We are so excited about an opportunity to provide learning experiences that are fun and educational. You have worked very hard this year. It is time to have some fun!

March 25, 2021

Good afternoon TVVA families,

Spring has arrived and we are all excited about the warm weather around the corner! As we edge closer to the end of the year, we want to ensure all TVSD families finish strong. The information in this email pertains to College and Career Readiness Requirements and how your student can access the content and assignments.

College and Career Readiness Requirements

If you are in grades 3- 11, your TVSD school counselor will contact you to discuss the college and career readiness assignments required per the Pennsylvania Department of Education for high school graduation. For grades 3-8, counselors have set up Google Classrooms for students to review and complete assignments concerning college and career readiness.

Student(s) grades 3- 8

Access Google Classroom:

1. Go to .

2. If prompted, have them log into Google Classroom with their TVSD Google Account. Please refer to these instructions if you need assistance with your TVSD Google Account.

3. Google Classrooms assigned to your child will appear.

4. On the class card, click Join.

5. The classroom will display the activities needed to complete the college and career readiness requirements.

6. All assignments have due dates for submission.

7. All assignments should be submitted in Google Classroom.

Note: Middle School students, if you do not see the Google Classroom in step 3, please click on the grade level link to join.

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Student(s) grades 9-11

For students in grades 9-11, high school counselors discussed College and Career Readiness requirements for graduation in Naviance with students. If you need further information, please reach out to your school counselor.

January 13, 2021

Just a friendly reminder, TVVA students should take advantage of Exact Path for personalized learning instruction in K-12 reading, math, and language arts. This program is a supplement to TVVA courses and allows our district to further support your student in aligning courses and instructional supports. This week, TVSD students completed the Exact Path Winter Diagnostic (a short adaptive test in math and reading) to align their new learning in this program better. We have seen significant increases in students' understanding of reading and mathematics from the Fall to Winter. If you have not had your child (ren) complete the Winter Exact Path Diagnostic, please have them follow the directions in this email to provide them supplemental instruction personal to their current learning path.

Here are getting started guides for you and your student(s) on TVVA’s webpage. Please feel free to reach out with any questions concerning Exact Path through email at We look forward to assisting you with this opportunity.

January 12, 2021

As we approach the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, we want to remind all families that TVVA follows the Twin Valley School District approved calendar. Therefore, all students TVSD and TVVA complete the school year on June 3, 2021. If you have concerns about your student’s progress, please do not hesitate to reach out to the TVVA teacher or the building guidance counselor. We are here to support each student in their academic success.

September 15, 2020

Edmentum will be adjusting the start and end dates for classes to match the TVSD school calendar. This will affect the "Pacing" notifications you see inside the course and additional assignments may show up as due. This will NOT affect your child's grade. The courses are self-paced and the grade will be calculated at the end of the course.

  • At the high school, core classes (ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies) that have A and B sections

    • "A" section will match TVSD 1st Marking Period (Aug 27 - Oct 29)

    • "B" section will match TVSD 2nd Marking Period (Oct 30 - Jan 20)

    • Elective courses will match TVSD with some being quarter length and others semester length

  • At the middle school, ELA and Math are designed to run the full year

      • "A" section will match TVSD 1st semester (Aug 27 - Jan 20)

      • "B" section will match TVSD 2nd semester (Jan 21 - Jun 3)

    • Science and Social Studies are designed to run for one semester

      • "A" section will match TVSD 1st Marking Period (Aug 27 - Oct 29)

      • "B" section will match TVSD 2nd Marking Period (Oct 30 - Jan 20)

    • Elective courses will be semester length (Aug 27 - Jan 20)

  • At the elementary level, all classes are designed to be year long.

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